Daft Punk opina sobre Random Access Memories


Después de lanzar un sencillo después de 8 años, Daft Punk ha sido tema de que hablar en el último mes y ha roto records de plays en Spotify en tan solo 3 días de su lanzamiento. Ellos mismos opinan sobre su nuevo disco canción por canción:

1. “Give Life Back to Music”
The album’s opener features John Robinson Jr on drums – the man who played on Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall. The work of Quincy Jones is a huge influence on the track, with the duo saying Jones’ records “have always fascinated us, with the precision that has never been achieved by any technology whatsoever.”

2. “The Game Of Love”
The vocoders are back, with les lads saying, “In an era where human voices are treated to become robotic, we find it exciting that you can go the opposite and give a robotic voice the most human voice possible…. an emotion of something that is not human, but tries hard to be.”

3. “Giorgio by Moroder”
“The idea behind the track was to make a sort of documentary based on an interview we did with him”, referring to the titular Giorgio Moroder. They describe the song as a biography of sorts of the legendary Italo-German producer and “a great metaphor on musical freedom”.

4. “Within” feat. Chilly Gonzales
Les lads describes Gonzales as “a friend and a great pianist, one of the best musicians of his generation” and that “Within” was one of the first tracks they worked on on the album. It’s described as “very minimal” with just “a little rhythm section, bass and piano.”

5. “Instant Crush” feat. Julian Casablancas
Casablancas is described as having “a punk rock side, an emotional side to his melodies” and that they’re both fans of The Strokes. Casablancas added vocals to a demo that les lads played him, and that “he’s got a gift”.

6. “Lose Yourself To Dance”
The track features two drummers, with John Robinson Jr returning, and he’s joined by Stevie Wonder veteran Omar Hakim. The track is described as “the simplest definition of our desire” with very detailed yet simple production. “Lose Yourself To Dance” seems to capture what they were looking to do with the album as a whole, “focused on bass, drums and guitar, and of course robots.”

7. “Touch” feat. Paul Williams
Les lads describe the track as being the genesis point for Random Access Memories. What they produced with Muppets songwriter Williams is apparently “something very cinematographic, very narrative”. Taking up a full 250 tracks in the studio, they call it the “most complex” and “craziest” track on the album.

8. “Get Lucky” feat. Nile Rodgers & Pharrell Williams
Pharrell is decribed as a “born entertainer, complete”. Daft Punk shine the spotlight on a voice that wasn’t heard often enough according to them, “he didn’t always have the chance to show off his singing skills, and boy can he sing”. “Get Lucky” sees them looking to give “the impression of being trapped in a glass bubble, completely isolated from the outside world”, transporting the Nile Rodgers-influenced music of 1978 into the present day.

9. “Motherboard”
Described simply as “a very futuristic track, it could have been from the year 4000.”

10. “Fragments of Time”
“Our first track with house producer Todd Edwards since Discovery.”

11. “Doin’ it Right” feat. Panda Bear
The “only fully electronic” track on Random Access Memories was also the last one to be completed. Panda Bear’s voice is described as “angelic” and les lads call themselves big fans of his solo work and that of parent group Animal Collective. “Doin’ It Right” is apparently Daft Punk’s “most futuristic effort” and their “most contemporary track”.

12. “Contact” feat. DJ Falcon
The final track on the album not only features DJ Falcon, but also “a voice recorded on the last Apollo space mission – Apollo17….from Captain Eugene Cernan, the last man to have walked on the moon.”



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