Problemas de lógica ‘hipsterosos’

Como cualquier ser humano los hipsters tambien tienen problemas, inclusive se podría decir que mas que otros por su manera de ser y de pensar.

– – – –

Train A leaves from a platform that you probably never heard of traveling at 60 mph. Train B leaves one hour later from the same platform going 85 mph. How long will it take train B to catch up with train A, and which is going to an M83 concert?

– – –

Sebastian, Nico, Julia and Rose have to wait in a long line at the Apple store. There is only one iPhone out for display. Everyone else is also in line next to the iPhone. If Rose wants to mess with the iPhone, Julia wants to fondle Nico, and Sebastian doesn’t want to stand anywhere near Julia because they used to date, how will they position themselves?

– – –

Michael, John, Tanya and Robert are putting together a synth-based indie band. They need a singer, a keyboard player, another keyboard player and someone to operate the drum machine. Tanya can play the keyboard and sing, Michael can sing and hit buttons, Robert can also hit buttons and play the keyboard, and John can kinda play keyboards. How do you arrange everyone for this to make any sense?

– – –

Theodore heard of Youth Lagoon before Max. Max heard of them after Cindy, but Cindy heard of them before Don. Who’s the bigger asshole?

– – –
[Larry Fleury]

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