Say Something Posters Project [finalistas top 10]

Este proyecto es un concurso y galería de carteles en la que los diseñadores utilizan frases y diseños para inspirar. Estos carteles se someten a diferentes etapas, en las cuales los jueces y el mismo publico deciden quien es el que va ganando, recompensándolos con materiales y recursos para diseñadores.
Este proyecto no busca sacar dinero de estos carteles, los carteles ganadores se regalan organizaciones, los cuales los ubican en sus instalaciones para motivar.
Siendo la segunda ocasión que se realiza este proyecto y que este va por diferentes etapas, aquí les dejamos a los 10 finalistas de la segunda sesión, en su pagina podrán ver los demás carteles, inclusive los que estuvieron en la primera sesión.

“Even small steps in the right direction can add up and make a big difference in the long run. As long as you keep working toward your dreams and goals, even if it’s just a few minutes each day, you can achieve them.”

“I had a daughter in 2010, and one of the best lessons that I can give her is that it’s okay to be different. Be strong. Be different. Be yourself.”
“BE A LAMP; shed light, help someone understand BE A LIFEBOAT; save a life, be there in a time of need BE A LADDER; help out, reach new heights”

“So many live without the slightest idea of what they wish to accomplish with their life. Instead, make an impact by choosing a destination and working towards it rather than realizing too late that you have been going in circles for decades.”

“When you can’t succeed by yourself, don’t give up. Remember to collaborate with those who can help you achieve goals.”

“It is easy to forget to smile when things are not going your way. Next time, try it…it helps.”

“I wanted to share a message of hope and possibility that can come out of even the most hopeless circumstances. Chalk being essentially dust, it seemed like the right medium for this message.”

“Sometimes, the best ideas are right in front of you—as long as you choose to see them.”

“There will always be optimists and pessimists. This poster embraces not just optimism but the many avenues through which optimism can be experienced. Nine different ways to view a glass of water, all of them half-full.”

“I was inspired by a video I watched on the process of tall painting. The way the paint gracefully poured down inspired me to fluidly hand-draw all of these elements in order to convey a free feeling, encouraging others to open their minds.”

[Say Something Posters Project] 


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